Wholesale Safety Glasses: Shop For The Right Pair

Safety glasses are an essential item in every person's optical wardrobe. With hundreds of thousand eye related injuries every single day in the USA alone, clearly not enough people are wearing protective eye wear. The majority of eye injuries occur at work - mostly in construction jobs. However a large proportion also occur during every day leisurely activities, such as fishing, mowing the lawn, walking and running. Your eyes can be injured from even the smallest piece of dust - and a lot of the time the damage is permanent.

There is a huge market for safety glasses, so purchasing wholesale safety glasses is a great idea for anyone looking at starting up a new business. They are also incredibly cheap, so the initial set up costs are minimal.

For those of you who are unclear as to what exactly wholesale means, it is a way of purchasing items in bulk straight from the manufacturer. They are significantly cheaper than if you were to purchase the same item in a store. The reason they are so cheap is because there is no middle-man. When you purchase an item in a store it goes through several different people before it reaches you, and all of those people need to make a profit. As a result, you end up paying a lot more for the item than it is essentially worth.


Safety Glasses


Wholesale safety glasses are only sold in bulk to be able to receive the bargain prices. The minimum number of safety glasses you can purchase varies hugely between different manufacturers. However, it is usually the case that the more you purchase the bigger the discount. If you are starting out you may just want to purchase a small amount of safety glasses to test your market out and see if they will sell. You don't want to be stuck with 10,000 safety glasses with no one to buy them!

Safety glasses come in a massive range of styles, sizes, colors and uses. Some people use safety glasses for work purposes, such as when working around dangerous chemicals, soldering irons, or even just to minimize glare from computer screens. Others may use safety glasses whilst playing sports, so they will require different properties from their safety glasses such as extra comfort, and perhaps a restrainer strap to keep them on whilst they are active. Others may use safety glasses for motorcycling. Riding a motorbike can be incredibly hazardous to the eyes, as there is constantly road debris and bugs being thrown towards the face.

You should ensure that you are knowledgeable about the different types of safety glasses and their specific purposes before purchasing wholesale safety glasses. Wholesale safety glasses also come with a range of different lenses, including polarized, anti-fog, anti-scratch and tinted. Clear safety glasses and those with a smoke or grey tinted lens are the most popular, so are a safe bet if you are starting out in the wholesale safety glasses industry.


AO Sunglasses

* AO SUNGLASSES are NOT ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety glasses


Wholesale safety glasses can be purchased from thousands of different manufacturers. However, the cheapest of them originate from countries in south-east Asia such as China and Taiwan. The reason they are so cheap is that manufacturing and labor costs are significantly lower in these countries than in Western countries.

The only issue when purchasing safety glasses from outside of the USA is that they may not adhere to the strict standards as set by the ANSI (American National Safety Institute). The ANSI does rigorous testing on new safety glasses before they can be sold under that label. You would not want to compromise the safety of your customers eyes by selling safety glasses that hadn't been adequately tested. Ensure that whatever wholesale safety glasses you purchase have a Z87 (basic impact safety rating) or a Z87+ (high impact safety rating) marked onto the lenses and/or frame.

Wholesale safety glasses can be purchased from as little as $0.25 for a basic pair, and this price obviously goes up the higher the quality, it will also usually depend on the amount of glasses that you purchase - discounts are usually given to those who purchase larger amounts of wholesale safety glasses.


Polarized Safety Glasses